Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hororata Swap Meet

Went to the Hororata swap meet with Dad today (that's his Sportster with my Norton there). Was gonna get out there early but had to take Nadine to work and then by the time Dad got his shit together we were really late. Din't get there until just before lunchtime-ish, so go knows what we missed out on. I thought I could take the bike because Moody was taking his Valiant out there, but then I missed him and had no way to transport anything of size! Missed Johnny Moore too (who'd told me about this event the night before) who went out pretty early. Got a few little bits and pieces though, and actually came a little bit too close to buying a BSA project! Pleased I didn't now, I've spent way too much money getting the Norton going again and need to give the wallet a rest. The Norton went great on the way out, but then started back-firing under power on the way home. It did it for a bit, I pulled over but had no tools, so kept going and it just died away. The bike was idling pretty badly, speeding up and slowing down, when we got back to town. Need to talk to John and get a lesson on tuning I think!

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