Friday, September 16, 2011

Bad Mags

This showed up this week – 'Bad Mags Vol.1' by Tom Brinkmann. James Arthur put me onto Tom's website a few weeks ago, because there's a section there on outlaw biker mags. See it here. I pretty much spazzed out looking through this stuff and emailed Mr Brinkmann asking if we might reproduce this page as an article in the upcoming issue of HFoS. He wrote back and said yeah, which was cool... alhthough we're now having second thoughts for a couple of reasons, 1. James Arthur is already doing a magazine piece, and 2. Stuart pointed out my tendency to romanticize some of this stuff!

Anyway... I also ordered Tom's book, Vol.1, which has the biker mags in it. The book is actually much better because actually the introduction to the chapter (which is all you get on the website) is more about the evolution of the 1%ers/outlaw bikers/gangs. The book however has a write up on each actual magazine. All of which of course aren't 'biker mags' but many of which he's just implicating in the rise of that mythology. It's very interesting, especially if you've read Hunter S. Thompon's 'Hells Angels'.

I'm also interested in the publications, some of them, as aesthetic precedents for HFoS...

All images from Tom Brinkmann's site. Thanks Tom!

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