Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Danny Lyon 'Iron Horse' interview

I found this on the Greasy Kulture blog. An interview with Danny Lyon in an old copy of Iron Horse. I'm a big Danny Lyon fan and there's some interesting stuff in here. The interviewer, David Snow, sounds like an idiot at times, carrying on about things being 'real' or not (actually if you read the post on the Greasy Kulture blog here, you'll see Snow chips in with comments, kinda bagging Danny Lyon actually. Could be truth to it, who knows? You definitely can tell when reading this that they are from two different worlds, and that Snow is looking for something he's not going to get from Lyon. It has a weird air to it. But yeah it's worth a read, there's insights into Lyon's practice here that I haven't found elsewhere, esp in relation to his college days and the Outlaws etc. I printed this and tried to read it. Don't! It's easier to read on screen... I ended up reading it in Photoshop!

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