Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dirtbikin' with Simoen

Our friend Simoen has been down from Wellington this weekend. We'd been real worried, as we usually are when people come to visit form outta town, that she might hate it here. So we decided to do some cool shit with her! Mostly this meant riding motorcycles... obviously.

On Saturday we went out to the Ashley River with Bad Evil and his missus'. Bad and I have been keen to teach our girls to ride and Simoen was keen to have a go at it too. Unfortunately I didn't learn Simoen real good though and she crashed us both on her first go and we broke the front brake lever off the 185. It was a pretty good little crash, but I was super impressed when Simoen was keen to just get back on and try again (rear brakes only of course!). By the end of the day she was taking off on her own and cruising up and down the dirt rd that runs beside the river. Nads was still struggling with the whole mysterious phenomenon called 'the clutch' but had a good go at it. Becky (Mrs Evil) won the Womens Section hands down by taking on one of the muddiest tracks around, getting stuck, and then pushing the bike back out on her own!

When we weren't teaching the girls me and Bad were fucking about like teenagers in the dirt doing donuts and riding through the river and stuff.

Bad took the Val down, I bought ol' Pedro (dog) in the van with the bikes, and Simoen brought her Polaroid camera with her and took some awesome shots on that little sucker (a couple incl. here). I really wanna get one. You sure can't beat film!

All photos here by Simoen and Nads.

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