Thursday, January 10, 2013

HFoS #2 is go!

We finally started printing this new issue yesterday! Sure does feel good to be underway as we have a pretty tight turn around time again with a launch date in Melbourne on the 19th of Jan (a week away!) and then the NZ one in Christchurch on the 26th. This issue's got some really kick ass content so if people liked the last one so much I think they'll dig this one even more. We're printing twice as many this time – 1000 copies. Printing 500 like this last time felt like it almost killed us so this is kinda scary. We've worked some shit out though that will hopefully mean this one goes a bit smoother. A lot of the colour stuff is only going to be printed 3 colours rather than the 4 last time. Stuart worked out (with some help from Xavier of Dawn Press) how to do pretty good colour images using yellow, blue, and hot pink! Yep hot pink. I didn't believe it either but Stuart ran some tests yesterday and I was blown away by how good they came out. So yeah instead of CMYK we're printing in YBP...

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