Monday, September 24, 2012

Jimi's Trident back together

After the swap meet in Hororata me, Bad, and PZ went back to the band room where Jimi was finishing putting his T160 back together. It's been off the road since late January while he's been rebuilding his whole front end and also doing some work to the head. Anyway we fucked about while Jimi got her sorted, and then stood around watching while he tried to start it... no luck. I thought it was 'cause we were watching so suggested we all take off to the pub for lunch, and holy shit if he didn't get it started while we were there (he'd missed a terminal wire!). So after lunch at Pomeroy's me and Bad went back and met Jimi and took off over the hills to Governors Bay. The T160 went sweet as apart from an oil leak which pissed Jimi off, but compared to my Norton seemed about normal!? We played some table soccer at the pub in Governors Bay and then headed home. Was a pretty sweet day of riding, eating, drinking, and just generally fucking about.


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  2. Bike is looking mint Jimi.Wanna check out that tank in the flesh.