Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hororata Swap Meet (2012)


Went to the Hororata swap meet again this weekend, so it's exactly a year since I last rode the Norton! Was a beautiful day, bright sun, clear blue skies – made for riding bikes. We got up early and Jimi tried to get the Ducati he's borrowed going by cleaning up the plugs, but it didn't work so unfortunately he got left behind and me and Bad and PZ went headed out there at 8am. Met the Rumblers out there, and a bunch of other dudes from Bike Nights including Greg and Ramon (who took our stuff back for us). We were kinda late, but there was still heaps of cool shit around. Me and PZ bought some stuff, I got a headlight grill thing and some Triumph car badges I may or may not stick on the Thruxton. Bad mostly just ate hot dogs.

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  1. AAAaaah ! I wanna swap meet!. fukin Northerners. I f ya hear of any up here...