Monday, June 18, 2012

Kick ass Hinkley Triumph

Hanging out with the Quake City Rumblers this weekend made me really wanna chop something up a lot more! I don't think I can bear to chop my matching numbers Norton (as much as I'd like to!?), so been thinking about pushing my Triumph into another world? I'm real happy with my breadbox tank, but it kinda makes the rest of the bike look too 'new' and outta place or something. Also I'm not real happy with the new seat I made. Nadine, my girlfriend who rides pillion a lot, stopped me chopping it down as much as I would have liked to... but then seeing Joska's little seat in the weekend (the Honda in the post below this one) made me think mine looked like a bloody couch or something! I'm also realising I'm really gonna have to get a bigger front wheel – one off a Bonnie. The Thruxton one is just too small... maybe a new rear as well? Fuck I'm going down some vortex... and I only just got the Triumph on the road again. Maybe when the Norton's going I'll pull down the Triumph and fuck about with it good and proper... [sigh]

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