Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cold ride to Oxford

Was really hanging out to get out on the open road this weekend. Yesterday it rained all day and then cleared at night so there was one of the hardest frosts I've seen in a long time this morning. Waited til lunchtime to go for a ride, but it was still insanely bloody cold! Met Joska, Makoto, Lee and Dave outside Smash Palace and then fucked about in traffic for what felt like ages. Finally got out on the old Tram Road to Oxford which was nice, but I forgot how bloody straight it is. Had to go real fast so as not to get bored! When we slowed down we realised Joska had got left behind... he eventually showed up running on 3 cylinders. Wasn't til we left Oxford that Joska discovered his broken high tension lead! Lucky he's got 4 cylinders. We also lost Lee and Dave somewhere. Lee's speedo cable had popped out and they stopped to sort it and then took a wrong turn. (Lee's had his wheels and spokes painted black, they look pretty mean, and go especially well with his black engine.) We totally froze riding back, it was pretty nuts. Beautiful little road from Oxford across to the West Coast rd though, great views of the snow-covered mountains... gotta figure out how to take photos 'from' the bike?

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