Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Triumph 'Breadbox' petrol tank

The HFoS launch party was a real kick up the arse to get some work done on my Thruxton. I have the new seat half made, but while Stuart was here I sorta talked myself into the idea that it really needs a new tank as well. So the seat's on hold until I find a tank. I've been looking at these (below), the first of the Triumph 'Breadbox' tanks, on Bonnevilles and Tridents from 1969–70. I like that boxey shape, they're pretty pricey though... esp if I have to get one from the States cause it's an extra $150 for shipping. There's one in NZ here but it's NOS and is $650! If I get one with the bits for the tank badges I'll be removing/filling those because I want a handpainted logo on the thing. I quite like the idea of knee-pads still?

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