Monday, January 23, 2012

HFoS launch party photos: the ride there...


  1. That suzuki 70? Is great! It was my first bike

    1. Hey man, just been looking at your bike in Sideburn magazine! is that you? Love your work man. You wouldn't wanna do me a picture for the mag would you? I have this idea of like a full face helmet with all snakes coming out of it, but I can't draw shit to save myself. Lemme know if you'd be interested? I can send you free copies as payment!

  2. Is that bike (2nd to last) a honda cb400? im just doing one up at the mo, bit stalled due to wof issues ... nealy there. cool site man. wen's nu issue coming out? got any of issue 1 left? thems appered to be got snapped up quick.

  3. Hey Mooch, I think it's a CB750? Belongs to a dude from Lyttelton. Hoping to get our next issue out mid year, about late June or July. I only have one copy of #1 left myself! Didn't expect it to be so popular eh. Gonna try and print more of the next one.