Monday, January 23, 2012

HFoS launch party photos: setting up

This is a bit late. I meant to get these up straight after the launch, but I had to clean up and deliver bikes back to people on the Saturday, and then I had to leave town real early Sunday morning to get to the ferry in time for my ride around the North Island with Malcolm. It was all a bit of a bloody whirlwind! But thanks to everyone who showed up, it was a great night and I think everyone pretty much agreed on that. Thanks to those of you who showed up for the ride too! I was expecting it'd just be me and some friends and it was so great to roll up and see a whole bunch of unfamiliar bikes and faces. I really want to organise more rides now. But yeah anyway here's some of the photos I have. PZ has a bunch more. I don't have any of Planet of The Tapes and the ones here of The Grand Saloon playing are just stills from Stuart's video... will edit some video together at some point too – there's some of us riding there, and then some good stuff of the bands.To start with here's some of us getting the bikes there etc...

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