Monday, October 31, 2011

Oil leaks...

On Saturday I cleaned up the engine on the Norton, sprayed it with degreaser and got it really spotless so that I could try and see exactly where all the bloody oil was coming from. Went for a quick ride round town and noticed that a lot of it seemed to be coming from the inlet rocker cover you can see here. I pulled this off and saw it had been punched through and re-welded at some point. I went to see John on Sunday morning and we looked at his cover off his 750. Mine looks like it's a bit porous round the weld, and also the nut holding his one on actually has a shoulder on it which winds down into the cover. Mine just had a nut and a washer. John's loaned me his cover for a bit so I'm gonna clean it up again and go for another ride as soon as I get a chance and see what kinda difference it makes... I'm hoping that maybe I can avoid a head rebuild, for the summer at least!?

It's running like crap though, and John's suggested I strip the carb, so will get onto that asap. 

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