Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Greymouth Street Racing

Ended up going to Greymouth on Sunday in Bad Evil's Valiant. I'd thought the weather was gonna be shit, but the forecast changed at the last minute, and I'd already promised to share the petrol money with Bad Evil so we could take his car. So yeah, it would have been a real nice ride, but unfortunately it wasn't a ride as such. Bad did let me drive the Val' part way home so that sorta made up for it.

My favourite bike of the day was actually an old BMW. The photos of it here don't do it any justice, it's the one with the helmet on the seat there. It looked fuckin cool, and sounded unbeliveably awesome. It also won each race it was in... I think? It was actually a bit hard to tell if you weren't anywhere near the finish line, the PA wasn't so hot and didn't go right round the track.

We took a bunch of photos as obviously there were a shit load of cool bikes (although maybe not quite as many 'classics' as at Methven? I never photograph the modern F1 bikes but I did get some film of them racing, because shit they're scary fast. They sure are great to watch.

Note: Don't take girlfriends to motorcycle racing. It is "too noisy and boring for girls" (boring?... even when she did almost get killed standing too close to the fence). We had to walk around a lot to keep the ladies interested (partly cause we took a wrong turn and ended up outside the cordon), and found people whitebaiting right in front of a sign warning about sewerage coming out right there! Greymouth was pretty interesting, not necessarily for the right reasons – skinheads, white supremacists, and teenage mothers mostly.

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