Saturday, August 14, 2010


1. I shouldn't be doing this I should be working on the Julian Dashper book.
2. The Julian Dashper book is the reason I'm doing this.
3. Julian sometimes wrote about the importance of archiving — for an artist to leave an archive. He obviously wanted to be remembered. Well, his ideas anyway. One of the questions here is do you keep everything or do you edit your archive? I think Julian would have edited his.
4. I going back to laying out the book now.
5. The rough complete layout is due on Monday and I still have over 100 pages to do.
6. It's not an easy job because each text is different and there's a lot of different texts; lists, interviews, essays... even though there's a very straight grid it's taking a long time to set out each page. I'm up to page 94.

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