Saturday, August 14, 2010

Art School Journals

Are all schools (by which I mean tertiary art and design schools) publishing their own journals now? I just noticed that one of these Dashper pieces was published in a journal called 'Probe' published by Manakau Institute of Technology in 2002. Did this turn into 'ZX'? Or is it from somewhere else? Canterbury has started one too, it's called 'Oculus' and I believe the focus is postgrad students work in fine arts and in art history. Are these attempts at PBRF outputs? Do they really count in any sort of financially meaningful way I wonder? How many other schools are doing one. I know Otago and AUT were conspiring to publish a peer-reviewed Design journal, but I guess that might not be going ahead now since Otago uni shut down it's design course? Or was it the polytech that was involved? No I think it was the university because Noel Waite was involved. Does Elam do a journal? Massey?

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