Saturday, July 31, 2010


There are roughly three things I think I want to write about here; music, motorcycles, and graphic design. That's pretty much what I spend my time doing. Graphic Design should probably be first in that list as it's what I do to get paid mostly — teaching it and 'doing' it, so you could say my interests in graphic design are both academic and professional. There's obviously a reason it's last in the list.

Perhaps music shouldn't be first either, because if I'm honest (and this obviously won't work if I'm not honest), all I've thought about lately is motorcycles. Out of the three things I'm mentioning here this is the one that I am least qualified to talk about. I've been riding motorbikes on and off for years, but in the last couple have become quite obsessed by that whole thing... not just riding them, but modifying them, mechanically and aesthetically. Music then... music.

I'm actually thinking a lot more about music again right now. I've recently left full-time employment at a design studio in Auckland, and have come back to the South Island to teach design part-time. Obviously this has given me more time, and I am just finding myself thinking about music more again. Feeling the urge to play more again too. It was really bugging me the last couple of years that this part of what I do had begun to diminish... maybe replaced by the motorbikes (one bike in particular). Maybe it's something about being back down here too (currently in Christchurch, although all my friends live in Lyttelton and we'll be looking for somewhere over there as soon as possible).

I might have to write something about Christchurch too? About why I've always been so much more productive down here. Everyone thinks it's a terrible place, and by all accounts it is. I completely agree. But I have always been more productive down here and even though I've only been here 3 weeks now, I already feel that stuff kicking back in again. What's wrong with Auckland in that respect? It's not like I went out much, or socialised a lot. Where'd the time go up there? Very strange.

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