Saturday, July 31, 2010


Why am I doing this? A few reasons (to make myself feel more comfortable about doing this I suppose) — firstly, I guess, because I've done it before. I had a blog when I was working on my Masters. I was doing it through RMIT in Melbourne, but I was based in Lyttelton, New Zealand, and so it was a good way to stay in touch with my supervisor and other students. But I've no one specifically to stay in touch with now. Do I even care if anyone reads any of what I put here? I suppose I do, otherwise I wouldn't need it to be public or online or whatever you call what this is. So why do I care? And, do I have anything important to say?

My first answer is that if this wasn't somehow 'public' I wouldn't care so much about what I was going to put/write here... and that then maybe I wouldn't sort of 'get anywhere' if you know what I mean. There needs to be some kind of seriousness or responsibility, and knowing someone else might read what I'm writing helps that to happen. I'm definitely not doing this because I think I have anything important to say. That's not the point. The point is more to sort of capture thoughts, problems and various projects 'on the move' you might say.

I've called this blog 'Head Full of Snakes'. It's a title I stole from and old 1970s horror comic. I've also been thinking about using it as a band name, and I probably will at some point. I also wanted to make a sort of 'portfolio' type website under the same name. That may yet happen too... although my biggest problem is that I always do too much. And that's sort of why I like that title too. I think I spread myself too thin, across too many things, and as a result I don't ever do anything really well. I know this, but I can't seem to change, and so what I'm trying to do here is to put all those things in one place... and see perhaps if they can't be just one thing? One thing that is more manageable, but also maybe more easy to articulate. It's the overlaps between the different things I do that I want to focus on here.

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