Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Elusive Third Bike

Here then we have the third and final DR for our trip. James Tucker got this sorted for us in the weekend. He was slightly worried about it cause the guy selling it was some young punk, but hey it was cheap! And I'm pretty sure if SeƱor Tucker bought it it's gonna be ok cause methinks he has some pretty high standards? Higher than ours anyway!

This will be Joe's bike for the trip, I'm riding what James affectionately calls the 'Garage Queen', and Malcolm's on the dirty old dirtbike one. Apart from color they'll actually all look fairly similar once our mods, esp large tank on my one, have been done anyway. Here they all are together at James' place:

Pretty exciting seeing them sitting there waiting for us! Can't wait to hit the ground in LA and get to James and Colleen's place!

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