Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Our American Steeds (DR 650s... two down, one to go)

This USA/Baja trip is getting close and we have recently purchased two DR 650s via an agent of sorts in LA. A Mr James Tucker is our man on the ground over there, and he's been a real blessing in terms of getting our shit together for this trip. Funnily enough some guy I was emailing via Craigslist about buying his bike put me onto James, who I found through the ADVRider forum. It was kinda nerve-wrecking sending all our money to some guy we'd never met, but we'd checked his credentials (as much as you can from the other side of the world!) and he seemed legit! Actually he's more than legit, he's a god-send! He knows his DRs inside and out as him and his missus have a couple that they rode down to Argentina.

So yeah these are our first two bikes. The stock-standard white one will be getting a bigger 5.3 gallon desert tank, and we're looking at other bits and pieces now like luggage racks. I was keen to chuck an aftermarket muffler on mine, but just discovered the one I was looking at would have to be repacked fairly often given the type of riding we'll be doing, so fuck that!

Anyway the search is on for the third and final bike. All going well James Tucker will have our paperwork in hand when we get off the plane in LA! So excited I'm having trouble sleeping, it's like being a little kid again...

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