Saturday, November 1, 2014

2nd Annual Smash Palace Motorcycle Show

So yeah the show was yesterday and it was pretty damn good. This video here about covers it... it's by Jonathan Mackie. I took some footage actually, on my new Go Pro, but turns out there's more to them than point and shoot and my footage sucks. It's all shaky for a start, and then with the wide angle lens my bloody fingers are always in the shot!? Anyway thankfully someone else was on it.

You'll see a very brief moment in this of us (well actually it was Malcolm and Bad) running our Head Full of Snakes stall. It was pretty great, we sat there in the shade, drank beers, and sold shit! Sold a bunch of mags, sold left over t shirts from the Melbourne launch (these sold out before we even had our signs up!), and then sold heaps of the official t shirts for the show which Smash Palace had printed just this week. They came out real good and can still be purchased at the bar if you're keen.

Great day in the sun!

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