Wednesday, August 28, 2013

XL185 ready for 'Smash Palace Shearers Run'... sort of

We're off this Friday on the second annual 'Smash Palace Shearer's Run' up into the mountains. This time instead of all going on small bikes we're all going on dirtbikes! So I've spent any free time I could squeeze out of this week painting my bike – see it how it used to look (bright blue) here. I actually ended up not minding the blue, but I'd always thought I'd paint this bike up and so this seemed like the time to do it.

My plan was to paint it these colours (black and gold) and then to hand paint some texts on the tank and also on the front mudguard... but alas time hasn't quite allowed for me to do that! Which is a bit of a fucker.

Also the seat, which I was planning to cut right down, I've ended up just having to quickly recover today so it's ready to go tomorrow. This has been really disappointing also, and is something I'll look at when I'm back. I dunno if the seat as it is will even survive the weekend to be honest!?

Watch this space for photos of our trip, it should be pretty bloody awesome with the following events being run:
1. Longest wheelie
2. Biggest jump
3. Longest skid
4. 1/8 Mile drag
5. Slowest 100m
6. Wiggle woggle
9. Best learner
10. Best expert
11. Best fall
12. The Greg award (for the most fixing of other people's shit)
13. Barrel racing

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