Monday, August 19, 2013

Buy Fonzie's bike!

Just saw here that Fonzie's bike from the TV series 'Happy Days' is for sale through Bonhams in LA. Apparently it's been sitting about for 15 years and the guy who had it was unaware of it's celebrity TV heritage! I guess Bonhams would have checked its authenticity, but it does look a little different now – the handlebars, the tank rack, the pillion seat, and the muffler (just the heat shield maybe).

As cheesy and twee as it was I have to admit to quite liking 'Happy Days' as a kid, and probably Arthur Fonzarelli played some sorta part in planting the idea in me that I must ride an old British bike one day. Although, funnily enough, Henry Winkler, who played 'The Fonz', couldn't actually ride a motorcycle.

The auction is in LA on November 12... needless to say I won't be there.

Here's The Fonz riding the bike in the intro to the show:

And here's a bit of The Fonz jumping barrels outside the diner. God knows why they'd put the fried chicken stand at the run-off end!?

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