Sunday, March 24, 2013

More Thruxton mods coming up...

I finally have a bunch of new shit to put on the Thruxton. Got some shorty Emgo mufflers off Pete (that I think are off Sarah's bike originally?). They're straight through and Pete said they're fucking loud – sounds like what I'm after! They're the same as on Tim's bonnie and it sounds pretty sweet, so yeah keen to see what they sound like on a new Triumph? I'm also pleased that they're quite a bit shorter than the ones I have on there now, and I really wanna see if I can get them on quite an angle too.

Apart from the mufflers the other shit is all front end stuff. New speedo and tacho that I'm going to mount flat and low. And then, importantly cause the old one sticks up like an unwanted erection, a new direct mount front brake reservoir from British Customs... so that'll get that lower as well. I also have this old Lucas headlight with grill that I wanna mount somehow. Might just modify the grill to fit the existing headlight? I'll see. Gonna have to make some new brackets for the dials, and so also thinking about making some for the headlight too and maybe lowering it a bit. Also thinking about changing the bars too – clip ons, lower! Maybe? Really wanna ditch the switchgear and replace that too...

Hoping to get started on this asap now that the Norton seems to be a runner (touch fucking wood).

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