Monday, March 4, 2013

Born Too Late

Had booked flights ages ago to go to Auckland last weekend... was originally going for a gig on Friday – Moon Duo at the Kings Arms – but then had a couple of students having a show/publication launch up there on Saturday too, so had decided to stay for the whole weekend. Obviously I was pretty bloody stoked to find out that the Born Too Late chopper show was gonna be on on the Saturday as well!

Sid wrote an article on the first BTL show for the first issue of Head Full of Snakes, and I'd been keen to get up there to one ever since. This was their 3rd show, and it seems like it's getting bigger each time. I was really impressed at the number of bikes that showed up, and the quality and ambition exhibited by the various builds. To top it off I got to meet up with some old friends there AND there were some awesome bands too. I don't know the name of the first band sorry (let me know if you do?), but next up were the infamous Slavetrader who I haven't seen play in ages. They were great, I always have really dug Matt Alien's bands going right back to Human from Christchurch in the mid 90s (they weren't as good when he left).

Generally I can't stand Auckland, but Born Too Late provided good evidence for me that it's not all late model European cars, fake tan and boob jobs.

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