Monday, December 3, 2012

Norton Commando on the road again!

It's been a loooong bloody time coming, but here it is, my Norton is back on the road! Jimi and I got her running pretty sweet in the weekend after I went out and bought a timing light (no more trying to borrow one all the time!). Got a warrant easily enough after Bad Evil came round and helped me sort out an electrical gremlin. Got the warrant at Rocky Point with Joe Grose. That's Joe up there behind my van. I'm pointing this out mainly because Joe's gonna be in the next issue of HFoS. Anyway have been for a few rides now, each a little further than the last. Went over Gebbies Pass lastnight and all is seeming pretty good so far (touch wood, cross fingers, etc). I'm pretty confident about the work Jimi and I have done, but because we found so much wrong I'm worried about what my head and bottom end might look like inside? I wish I hadn't got that cowboy in Auckland to rebuild my head! Ah well, hopefully I can put some miles on it this summer. It's real good to be out on it again, and I definitely have a new sort of relationship with this thing now. Big thanks to James 'Jimi' Woodhams for all his help with this.

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