Sunday, December 2, 2012

Burt Munro ride day 5 (Monday)

It's always depressing riding home after a good trip away and this was no exception. The weather had finally gotten bad, we had a bit of rain, my back was killing me, and I just didn't want to face the reality of work. We stopped off in Oamaru and went to the auto museum, a bit of a rip off at $10 I reckon - $5 woulda been better. Went to Timaru for lunch. Then about half an hour out of Timaru, passing a bunch of traffic, I noticed Grant wasn't behind me anymore. Went back and found him broken down on side of road, bike make some horrific noises when running, which it didn't really wanna do. So I hooned back to Christchurch, swapped my bike for my van and rove back down to pick up the NV and Grant! Strange way to end the trip, in the van, but good this didn't happen further away eh!

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