Monday, October 1, 2012

Smash Palace & QCR Dude Ranch Run Part 1

Just been away on the most amazing weekend ride ever – a scooter (or small bike!) run organised by Johnny from Smash Palace. I borrowed Aaron Beehre's CB100 for it and had pretty much the biggest fastest bike there (apart from Bad Evil's Yamaha). Apart from that mostly everyone else was on 50cc bikes, some of which were pretty fast, especially Horse's lil' red Yamaha RD. That could pull a good 100kph!

I have way too many photos from this run, but wanna put a bunch on here. There were just too many good times. I'll put more up soon... but basically this covers the meeting up at Smash Palace on the Saturday morning and then the ride out of town and into the mountains near Lake Coleridge.

More to come...

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