Thursday, October 18, 2012

Billy Childish (Soft Focus)

This really didn't want to embed here so click on the link to see it.

This is Billy Childish being interviewed by Ian Svenonius for his Vice TV thing 'Soft Focus'. I like Billy Childish for all sorts of reasons, but he reason I'm putting this here is at about 18 minutes. His position on 'professionalism' interests me. I feel the same when it comes to graphic design I think. His criticism of "people identifying themselves by what they do" is also interesting. This is at odds with a lot of current pedagogy at art schools I think... Anyway this is certainly worth a watch. I see, also, that there are a lot of new interviews up now. I saw this one a couple of years ago now I guess. There's some quite good ones on here, and certainly a bunch of other musicians who I like...

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