Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bike Night at Smash Palace

Last night was the inaugural 'Bike Night' at Johnny Moore's new bar Smash Palace. The photos here are a little misleading – these are all taken in just one corner of the bar around Greg's caravan where we parked the bikes. The actual bar is a big bus in the middle of the compound. Anyway, I took Tim's bike and met Bad Evil at his house, where we waited for Aaron. When we went to take off from there the headlight on Tim's bike had gone so I rode in the middle trying my best not to draw attention to myself because Tim's bike ain't registered or warranted... and never has been! I'd stuck my Triumph number plate on it, but was still pretty keen to avoid the awareness of any coppers.

We got to the bar and Greg pulled off the headlight to reveal a very much blown lightbulb. Was kinda hoping it'd just be a wire that we could fix, and I couldn't get another bulb anywhere so ended up having to ride home inbetween Aaron and Bad again.

Apart from a couple of Johnny's bikes and ours there weren't any others there, so like 5 bikes in total. A good start I guess but it'd be great to see Smash Palace balls deep in motorcycles on these Thursday nights. I'll certainly be doing my best to encourage everyone I know to bring their bikes down. Sure it's winter. Sure it's fuckin cold. But it was a pretty awesome way to spend the evening, tinkering with bikes, talking about bikes, drinking beer, and eating extremely good hamburgers (I can also highly recommend the bangers and mash at Smash Palace).

Greg was working on a flat head V8 engine in his caravan while we drank, ate, and talked shit.

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