Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bike Night #3... bloody good!

Holy fuck best Bike Night so far at Smash Palace tonight! Bunch of bikes, real mixture of machines, and a bunch of new faces. Was totally awesome. My favourite bike of the night was 'Satanico Lugar Peligroso', a hard-tail Harley chop that totally stole the show. I've forgotten the guys name who owns/made it? (Sorry man, I'll see you next week and you can remind me!). PZ pulled off his exhaust and fucked about with that, people played table soccer, drank beer and talked about bikes while Johnny's dad's old car was getting worked on by some older gentlemen. Then this dude from the Quake City Rumblers on the red scooter smoked up a tyre for us all, and then when we left a bunch of us ended up riding out to the ring road out by the airport and riding around like idiots. Fucking great night. I love Thursdays!

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