Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sound of Thunder: Bears racing 2012

The 'Sound of Thunder' was on yesterday (cancelled last year because of the big earthquake). Went out with Bad Evil and met James and Bonnie there, Bonnie's dad (Robin Struthers) was racing a Buell, and James old race bike was being ridden by someone else. James was hurting and wishing he was out there on the track while at the same time trying to convince me not to get into racing! Shit I'm getting pretty keen I have to say... I'm not content watching anymore. Thinking pretty seriously about booking in for some track days on my Thruxton? Anyway, yeah here's a bunch of cool bikes that were there... there were a bunch more, esp racing. My camera's fucked so mostly I'm sticking to black and white. There were a quite a few Nortons interestingly... I don't think I've ever seen this many all in one place for a long time? I have to admit stock Commandos aren't the most interesting looking bikes eh. There was even one of the new Commandos there, PLUS another one that was racing! We didn't see it race though as it blew its clutch up before we got there. Oh and that little bike, 17th image down, is a Maserati!?

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