Monday, February 6, 2012

New petrol tank for the Thruxton

I finally bit the bullet and shelled out for a new tank last week, and it just got here today. Having paid for the thing I read in the weekend some guy on the TriumphRat forum saying to someone else that there was no way this would work, that the tunnel in the tank would be too small. I was freaking out thinking shit I shoulda checked this out more before buying the tank, so when it arrived today I got busy straight away seeing if and how it might work. Good news! It's going to work, and won't require any mods to the tank. I will have to grind a couple of lugs of the frame though (the ones that hold the front of the current tank). I had been trying to do everything without cutting the frame at all, but fuck it I think this tank is going to look totally fucking awesome, so get out the grinder! I will have to reroute the loom a bit, maybe pull it apart to do this, but I don't think that'll be too difficult. Also, obviously, will have to make up some pretty serious brackets. The one at the back will be easy enough I think, the front will require a little more thought. Anyway sitting the tank on the bike, even though it won't go down past those lugs, I'm pretty happy with the shape of it. Might even grind of those lugs this weekend so I can get started thinking about brackets etc. AND then I'll be able to fit it over the frame and actually eyeball it 'on' the bike.

This is a NOS tank! And I know there's a bunch of Triumph owners who aren't going to be very happy about this... esp more so because I'm planning to get rid of the mounts for the tank badges and paint the thing (probably black?). It is original paint too. Sorry guys, but I couldn't find another one in shitty condition to do this with... and hey, you coulda bought it if you loved it so much. Still I do feel a bit guilty, she's a beautiful object that's for sure...

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