Sunday, December 4, 2011

Issue #1 is done! (mostly...)

Thanks to everyone who supported us last week and who came to the launch on Saturday, it's been a pretty fuckin' epic process! We only had about 85 copies bound and ready at the launch, but we collated the rest yesterday and they'll be getting bound next weekend. Big thanks to Simoen who helped collate both times (Friday night AND Sunday). Thanks also to Alice, and sorry about fucking you around a bit on Saturday morning? Big thanks to Penny too, who basically single-handedly organised the launch while Stuart and I were binding with Brad. Brad was/is totally awesome and deserves something overly-awesome for his help! Thanks also to everyone who showed up yesterday to finish the collating. That was a massive job, only made possible by y'all! Will get a couple of photos from the launch up soon (I just didn't get many actually cause I was so busy at it – anyone else get some? Esp of the BBQ area?) ...

While we were working on the mag, Chris was next door working on Stuart's Norton. He did get it going for the launch although not actually rideable, and it needs some engine work now, BUT it was a great end to the night when Stuart kicked it over in the gallery. That got Christian all heat up and so he did a burn out in the gallery on his 350! We then had a great time watching him spend the next half an hour trying to clean the tyre marks off the floor. Good shit! Big thanks to Christian for letting us use bikes from his shop to show in the gallery/launch space too. It looked pretty fuckin' awesome!

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