Saturday, December 24, 2011

On Holiday. NZ launch Fri 13 Jan!

Merry Xmas jerks. I'm on holiday, but am working on organising a New Zealand launch for Head Full of Snakes issue #1 in Christchurch (the most rockin' place in all of NZ!) on FRIDAY THE 13TH of January. Sorry about the wait, I didn't quite imagine the mag taking off in the way it has, and had thought a bit of a gap between the Aussie launch and the NZ launch wouldn't be a big deal? But yeah, I know a bunch of you NZ-based losers really wanna get yer mits on a copy and some of you have been buying them from the site at the Aussie-based 'international' price... Thanks for buying it if you have already, but hold on if you haven't. It'll be a bit cheaper to buy it from NZ after the launch in Jan.

Hey we're a bunch of fucking amatuers!

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