Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Aaron Beehre's CB100

Watched the MotoGP at Aaron's lastnight, and then made Nadine go sit on his bike because I really wanna get her onto something like this. Aaron's only just got this going again after about a year and half off the road. He got this little CB100 about four years ago and it was pretty screwed. I think it's a 72 or 73. He bought a new Chinese engine for about $400 I think? A Loncin 150cc single and had that put in by Joe at Rocky Point garage. At the same time Aaron did the bike up a bit. It's looking pretty cool now and seems to be going good too. Apparently a lot of the bucket racer guys use these little Loncin engines? Anyway it made me really excited again about getting a small bike for round town and for Nadine to learn on. The MotoGP was great too, crazy crash right at the first corner which took out four bikes including both the Ducatis, one of whom was Rossi. Had a great finish between Spies and Stoner, with Spies looking like he had come from 4th to wrap up the finish, just to be beaten by about an inch by Stoner on the final straight. Those Hondas are fast!

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