Thursday, November 18, 2010

Record covers I like

I came across this today on the Deadbeat Records site (they are stocking our Don Kings 7"). From what I can figure out this is a two-piece including Bob Log III, which sounds great already. But I was really stopped by this cover.

Ok so it'll be no surprise to anyone, cause all my design work's nostalgic pastiche anyway. But I've been getting a bit sick of the kinda stuff I've been doing lately, it's been difficult to move on from the style I developed around The Damned Evangelist, but I really want to move on now... musically and visually. I'm drawn to this as it sits in the trajectory of what I've been doing, but is more reductive and abstract. Everyone will think this is a bit of a jump, but I'm thinking about Wolfgang Weingart's stuff with the screens... from when? The early 70s? Anyway I like this purely typographic approach, and I'm thinking of a sort of hybridised Weingart-meets-1950s-Doo-Wop kinda thing. You can see it now eh? I like how the language is pushed forward by the abstraction. I like the clunky uppercase Helvetica, and the not-quite-centered title in the circle.  It's sort of clunky and perfect like a lot of Dylan Herkes' stuff. I wonder if this was done by a 'trained' designer? I don't think I could do anything like this. Well apart from just copy it that is.

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