Monday, December 26, 2016

Burt Munro 2016

Just before I fucked off to Mexico for a book fair and then road trip around California with the missus (where I am now), I did a ride down to this year's Burt Munro racing in Invercargill. Only took my phone to take photos on and it ran outta juice after the first night down there, but anyways... here's some of the photos. A rag-tag bunch of us (on very different bikes) met up at Smash Palace on the Thursday morning...

Next photos are from our stop in Clyde where we a drunk beer and ate food, Malcolm and Bad Evil (his first big ride on the Norton... actually his first big ride EVER) pretended to be Swedish tourists, and Izzy got dubbed.

Then we went to stay at one of Greg's family members farm houses for the night... can't really remember exactly where? Central Otago obviously. This is Bad and Greg getting ready to leave next morning...

Went to a local pub for breakfast and then did the ride to Invercargill... couple of trailer queens in tow behind Izzy's Nomad.

Arriving on the Friday we went straight to the beach races from the Lurkers clubrooms where we were (very conveniently) staying...

And then my phone died, so ahh yeah. The end.

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  1. Did you say road trip? Nothing is as good as road trip. Good to see that you people had fun in it, thank you for sharing your experience with us