Sunday, April 20, 2014

Methven Street Races 2014

Went for a ride with the lads to the Methven Street Races in the weekend. First day it hasn't rained in about three fucking weeks! So great to get out for a good blast on the Triumph again. The roads were still a bit wet on the way out, but it's mostly bloody straight so didn't really matter.

We were pretty keen to see Campbell Johnson racing his Kwaka. Campbell's only recently got into road racing (used to race dirt bikes), and he's been doing really well... here he is on the Kawasaki, #76, at Methven:

Campbell got a few third places right up the ass of ol' man Ornsby, and then managed to pick him off in the final race getting 2nd (just behind a very hot BSA Rocket III).

Checkin out the pits was awesome as usual. I was particularly impressed by the number of real old bangers there this time. I've seen a couple of these there before, but it seems like every year there's another one or two there. Watching these race is a real pleasure!

Took off after the last race and went to Hororata for a beer and a pie... (and took a selfie on Jimi's camera on the way)

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