Monday, March 31, 2014

Huntsbury Hill (Malcolm's XR200)

Haven't posted for a while 'cause I've been too bloody busy. Have however done a few dirt bike rides in the last few weeks though. Malcolm moved down from Auckland and very quickly bought this lil' red XR200 here, and we've been going out to Leithfeild beach with Joe and Bad Evil. It totally rules out there, but it takes us a good hour to get there... two hours when you factor in picking up every ones bikes! So anyway this last weekend Malcolm and I went up the hill behind my house to see what it'd be like. As you can see the views are pretty sweet! But it was way too short a ride, and there was people on mountain bikes everywhere so you couldn't really get on the gas. Oh and also we had to ride our bikes on actual (legal) road for a bit... got a few dirty looks doing that! This'd be a good little ride to test the bikes out etc, or maybe you could take a thermos and have a cuppa while the sun went down or something?

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