Monday, October 7, 2013

Forms of Delirium

"We only have a few years to rescue the soul of holy Russia," Alexei Weitz said. "Just a few years." Weitz is a leading member of the Night Wolves.

David Bennewith sent me this link – HERE – to an article by Peter Pomerantsev about a Russian MC called the Night Wolves, or  Nochnye Volki as they'd say it, and their relationship to political power (Putin has had lots of photo ops with them) and the popular media. It's really worth a read, it's quite mad... "In heaven there is more joy at the 1 per cent of sinners who confess than the 99 per cent who have no need of salvation." Yep they're Christian fundamentalists too!

Above: 'The Surgeon', Pres of the Night Wolves hangs out with Vladimir Putin, President of Russia.

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