Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Head Full of Snakes points cover

Here is the Norton Commando points cover Jimi (aka James Woodhams) made me. Pretty fucking sweet huh! The whole thing, the whole piece of metal including the engraving has been made on the CNC machine at Jimi's work. Don't ask me how. There's a few of us got these made now, I think there's three Norton ones and a couple he's made for Tridents including his own. Painted mine red to go with the red Norton logo on the timing side cover. Rubbed some oil in there too cause it looked way too bright when I put it on... Nostalgia is a disease! Really diggin it!

PS. Jimi kindly engraved inside mine "Jimi's bike is faster" and then also "Triples Rule". Just trying to figure out how to change the 't' to a 'c'...