Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tropic of Cancer

Oh my god this shit rules my world tonight. I know I'm expanding my motorcycle rock and roll genre a little here... actually not too much considering my inclusion of Dirty Beaches a while back... but wow! This popped up while I was researching for the Goth/Psychedelic band Nadz and I are starting with Ella. The band is called Tropic of Cancer and they're from LA (so much good shit coming from the West Coast USA at the moment!?). Tropic of Cancer is actually a solo project of one Camella Lobo (whom I presume is playing synth/keys and singing in this). Taylor Burch is playing the guitar parts. There's a decent looking interview here which I'm gonna read tomorrow. In the meantime I'm downloading some of this to listen to in bed and imagine riding through the mountains on a cold winter night...

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