Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Busy... (TNG exhibition and HFoS award!?)

Been too busy to give much thought to any bikes at all lately because I'm working on an exhibition for the 'other' publication I make – The National Grid. The exhibition is called 'Design and Designers' and it opens in Hamilton at the RAMP Gallery this coming Monday at 5.30pm. Consider this an invite if you live in the area. The exhibition will feature a whole bunch of 'things' that have all been reproduced at some point in the publication. I did and interview about it on the Design Assembly website, so if you want to know more go here...

I think, later this year I will start another blog where I will collect my thoughts and research about graphic design. I don't think it works to thread it in here anymore. Sometimes it does, but largely it just seems to distinct and separate.

Oh and by the way Head Full of Snakes is a finalist in this years 'Best Design Awards'. Check it out here, and here's some photos to remind you what you missed out on if you didn't get a copy!? Next issue coming out later this year – promise!

I will, also, sadly be missing Bike Night tonight as I'm flying up to Hamilton today...

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