Friday, April 6, 2012

Triumph update (new tank)... 2

New petrol tank is now fitted, apart from a balance pipe I need to make up and a couple of sleeves for the front mounts. Also gotta extend some wiring on the loom. Had Marty paint the tank and side covers matte black after much procrastination about colours. I'd like to do the tank a kandy red in the future maybe, but doin it black for now. Will hand-paint logos on tank and side covers, but will wait til I get it running and know everythings ok. I'm a little worried about the flow rate from the tank. The old (original) one had a breather pipe and this one just breathes through the cap, old school style.

I really gotta get my head around the seat now. The mounts for the seat are doing my head in a bit. I've cut so much off the seat the base is really weak and I will end up crushing wires and the CDI unit if I don't get it sorted.

Every weekend since I've pulled this bike off the road has been amazing... hoping the weather holds for when she's back on the road!

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  1. Looks cool black bro- thats my westy vote. its cool to see the devlopment. hope you get some days of riding in too yo.