Monday, March 12, 2012

Triumph update (new tank)

Went to Marty's today to look at this tank. I took the tank to Marty when I realised that even with the lugs cut off the frame the tank still weren't gonna fit. I was deflated, thinking 'fuck it I'll sell this tank and look for something else, but James was here and he suggested taking it to Marty, a friend of his dad's. Marty's amazing. He's a panel-beater/painter by trade and keen motorcyclist to boot. He certainly knows what the hell he's doing. So far he's cut a large part of the tunnel out and welded a new shape back in, including a recessed bit for the fuel tap. I've been round to see him about a week ago, to sort of set the height and position, and then today was to look at the bracket he's made for the rear. The seat pan also connects to this bracket if possible.

I'm really happy with the way it's going, but I'm real keen to drop the dials/clocks now too. They stuck up too much before anyway, but with this new tank they look even more out of place. I'll wait and get the tank and seat sorted first though. The seat is the next thing I gotta deal to. I'd started shaping it before I got this tank, so I'd put it on hold until we get the tank mounted properly. The seat's been tough to figure out, I'm cutting up a pan from a Hinckley Bonneville (keeping my original Thruxton seat), but I've cut so much off it mounting has become a bit of a problem.

Anyway, shit I'm hanging out to have a rideable bike sometime again soon! It feels like it's been ages. It's been a month now I guess? Hopefully the seat doesn't take me too long to figure out? Wish I could ditch work for a week and just nail it.


  1. looking good dude... how do you feel about digital speedos? Cuts a lot of clutter..=Enzo

  2. Aw I'm a bit of an analogue man eh? KNow what you're sayin, but the watch on my wrist has a dial... don't dislike digital but thinking I wanna stick to clocks eh. How's your ride going?

  3. yeah gettin there...picked up some cheap bar mirrors now it looks like a capital T. wonderin on the benefits/pitfalls of pods and header wraps on exhausts showin Need a ride that can get me down the west coast without losing it's cool. Of course its all academic till I get my licence back! 6 weeks and countin...

    50cc=no wof=more fun, been lookin for a cheap c50 in welly, patience ....

    The lane split installation you showed in HFOS is interesting, is it on vimeo?

    1. Whe you riding down the west coast? And yeah there's a bunch of dudes in Chch who have like a 50cc gang. Johnny Moore was tellin me bout them. Does sound like a lot of fun. I wanna get a dirt bike next though I think?

      If you google Alex Montieth you'll be able to see that lane split thing on her website...

    2. cheers for that it's beautiful !
      heck yeah dirt bikes, we've been thinking the same thing after watching a few Romainiacs and dakar vids.. trail riding..
      west coast when the planets align. did it ages ago :( two up on Ems CB250n , romantic as hell but nextime we need something beefier.
      Your thrux is looking great And on a new(ish)engine .. mean!