Friday, March 4, 2011

Cafe-bobber mongrel, etc...

I keep driving round Dunedin thinking up shit to write about the earthquake, but a bit like Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and his book about Dresden, it just doesn't seem to want to happen. I get home sit here for a bit and then look at motorcycles on various blogs. Maybe it's best not to think about the earthquake, about where we're gonna live, about whether or not I should be looking for a job in some 'safer' town. I don't know.

Anyway this bike came up again. Fuck I love this bike. I've actually stuck it on here before, but a different shot of it. I can't remember where I got it from last time, but this time it is from Cafe Racer Culture. There's no info there about it. Who built this thing? I like it because it mixes the traditional stance of a British classic cafe racer with the more American bare-bones bobber style of build (interestingly not going for the hard-tail frame that is all the rage with the kids these days). I love the hand-painted Triumph logo on the tank. The seat is crazy. The exhaust coming out under the frame like that...

Meanwhile I have just got the Triumph back from the shop in Dunedin today so I can finally ride again! Looking at this I think maybe it would have been cool if it had got a bit more fucked up? The Norton survived fine. Not a scratch on it. It's actually in someone else's garage (luckily), a guy from the NOC, he's doing a gearbox recon on it. Can't wait to ride the Snortin' Norton again!


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